24 October 2021
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P/N F64500

Handy slicer for professional use with space-saving design; perfect for slicing cold cuts, meat, cheese, and bread (blades for various uses available on demand).

  • Anodized aluminium blade protection, carriage plate and reference panel
  • 220 Volt - 50 Hz single-phase asynchronous motor (motors for other voltages and frequencies available on request)
  • Tempered, refaced and hard chromium plated blade
  • Standard sharpener

  • Weight: 15,0 kg
  • Dimensions: 50,5x37,5x41cm
  • Motor power: 150 W
  • Blade diameter: 27,5 cm
  • Tray stroke: 25,5 cm
  • Cut thickness: 0-15 mm
  • Food tray dimensions: 20,5 x 23,4 cm